Updraft Plus (FREE & Premium)


Updraft Plus is a very successful plugin with over a million installs.

We assess the performance on backup plugins using the following criteria;

  • Easy of use
  • Backup Destinations
  • Automated Backups
  • Restore – Migrate – Move backup
  • Multisite Support

So let’s review how Updraft Plus performs.

Easy of use

The interface is very simple and plain. When you choose to backup you can choose to include the main WordPress tables. You need the premium version for non-WordPress Tables or specific tables.

You can include

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Uploads
  • Anything else in the wp-content directory

Backup Destinations


updraft plus remote storage

You are given a good selection of backup destinations, However, you can only use one with the free plugin. Upgrade to allow backups for multiple destinations. In the settings, you have a good selection of remote storage to use, including updrafts own system called Updraft Plus Vault for premium users.


Migration Key

A premium upgrade allows migration from one site to another. The translation of web addresses can be done automatically and an encryption key can allow transfer of backups from one WordPress site to another, great for migration and staging.

Automated Backups

You can set a schedule for a file backup and a database backup. Great for those with lots of database updates, like Shop sites. The premium version allows more scope for setting exact times for backups to be performed.

Restore – Migrate and Move Backup.

You can backup and restore the site by dropping backups into the remote storage and then bringing onto a site. if you migrate from one site URL to another you will need the migration premium addon to convert the data. If you are going to use multiple remote storage or Updraft vault, you will need a premium subscription.

Multisite Support

A premium add-on allows backup of a multisite installation. You can restore a specific site in a multisite installation. You can even restore a single site backup into a multisite installation. The success of this depends on all the plugins being multisite compatible.



Review Training

No extra training created by us yet. Refer to the creator.

Business Case

You must have backups for your Website. The free version will give you a good level of support.

The migration upgrade is great for sites using a test or staging server.

The multisite premium addon allows the support of multisite installations of WordPress.