Roboform remembers your logins and passwords


I have been using Roboform for around 5 years. You purchase one annual cloud subscription and can then install the Roboform app on your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.  All versions are secured to the cloud with a single master password and will sync their data.

When your website and needs a login, Roboform will already have it found using the URL of the website.

Yo9u can also use it to generate hard to guess passwords.

When you use a login and password for the first time, Roboform will offer to save that for you automatically.

Roboform also has a safe notes store where you can keep important information like insurance or tax numbers, birthdates, WIFI passwords etc

You can also save a set of bookmarks, which is great when they are shared across all your devices, So, save a bookmark on your desktop and use it on your mobile phone later!

Another popular app is Lastpass, but I have grown up with Roboform and see no reason to change.

Review Training

No extra training created by us yet. Roboform have some great courses of their own. find them here

Business Case

You need a safe and secure place to keep all your passwords and logins. Written in a book, even if in a safe is not a convenient method. Especially when passwords can be long and use punctuation and special characters. it is better to use software, especially if that is available on all your devices.