Backup Buddy


Backup Buddy is a popular backup solution. Although a premium plugin, it has protected half a million sites since 2010. We assess the performance on backup plugins using the following criteria;

  • Easy of use
  • Backup Destinations
  • Automated Backups
  • Restore – Migrate – Move backup
  • Multisite Support

So let’s review how BackupBuddy performs.

Full Review

Ease of Use

Backupbuddy is installed like any other WordPress plugin after you purchased your copy and downloaded the zip, it is easy to install it on your site. The quick start wizard gives you an email address to notify of backup progress, the password for restoring backups and setup for Stash which is 1gb of offline storage supplied by Backupbuddy. You have two suggested backup schedules which we can change later. You can return to the backup screen for ad-hoc backups whenever you need to. A list of recent backups can be seen on this page too. The whole layout is clear and easy to read. Not standard WordPress Layout Styles.

Backup buddy also monitors the number of edits you made since the last backup and displays them on the Admin Dashboard. A very neat feature. When you update a post you are also prompted to do a backup. I suggest you take the offer to do a database backup. Too many full backups will put unnecessary strain on your hosting provider. This all makes setup very easy and gets top marks especially for less advanced users.

Backup Destinations

A good choice of storage places are included for the plugin. Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, email, Dropbox (using the latest v2 method), a local drive on the server copy. You can also download a zip file that you made, but not automatically. Remember that you will have to setup a Google Drive, Amazon S3 or Dropbox account, there may be seperate fees charged. If you are using FTP then consider if it will be on the same server as your site and whether this is the only place you will have a backup.


You are pushed towards using the opton of Stash. This is their own remote storage solution which allows quick backup and incremental backups. For those wanting an easy solution then stash is the way to go with this plugin. Each licence is given 1GB of storatge, with the option to pay for more. For most sites, this will be ample.

BackupBuddy ‹ Remote Destinations

Automated Backups

You can schedule themes, plugins,  media, database or everything. and choose a destination. Adding new methods is again easy. You limited to a list of options down to twice a day. If you want quicker backups then the incremental option with stash is better.

Backupbuddy schedule

Restore – Migrate – Move backup

OK, this part I was not so sure about at first glance.  They have a clever piece of code called importbuddy.php You upload this file and the Full backup zip file to your site, (for full restore). You are asked to delete everything else, including WordPress. You then run the importbudy script, like and the process runs you through. I do like that the script has a password set by you when you create your copy of the script. You are prompted to give the details of the new database for the site with reminders of the previous settings. Then the process asks you to confirm the URL of the new site install. The last step gives you the chance to check the site is ok before the system does a cleanup and deletes all the setup files.

This is a neat solution to the question of restore. However, you need FTP or file transfer to upload the content. You can not run it from a plugin on the site. So, by making the process more simple, they also introduce a problem. To restore content to an existing site you can select file or files from a backup, or restore the database.

Multisite Support

I do not see Backupbuddy supporting multisite installations. However, for most people, this will never be an issue.  

Review Training

We do not currently have any additional training for this plugin.

Business Case

The Business Case for having backups of your site for migration and mitigation of problems is simple. This plugin is very easy to use and perfect for non-technical users who want a simple to use method. If you use Multisite installations of WordPress then this plugin will not be suitable.