Old News, Bad News or Recent News

This post was inspired by an interesting article in Tech crunch Facebook is being slammed again for the quality of its newsfeed. More originally by luck than judgement, Facebook is now a major aggregator of news. Facebook platform is becoming a major new source for many of its users who…

Whats the difference between px, em, rem and others in CSS

There are now multiple ways to measure sizes for styles in CSS. This is a review of the various methods that are available and examples of how they may be used.

Larger meta box for Woocommerce categories

It is not just the customer-facing pages that can sometimes do with a change. it is possible to add style sheet changes to the admin pages as well. You just need to work out the suitable css commands and then enqueue a stylesheet to the admin. We have added a simple stylesheet…

Building on a twentysixteen child theme

I am not going to explain how to setup your WordPress, or how easy it is, because most hosting companies are going to offer you a setup WordPress hosting package and after choosing your domain name, you will obtain a user name and password and be able to login. For…

What is the Genesis Theme? Why so popular?

Genesis is a special theme. It is designed for developers. In itself is quite straightforward looking theme parks like WordPress, it includes a range of programmable hooks onto which developers can add or remove features. This means that the theme is highly customisable without an in-depth understanding of PHP code….